Why i get no answers to my emails?

We answer all email inquiries at working-days normally within 24 hours. If you did not receive email answers after several working-days from us, chances are, that our answers landed in the Spam folder of your mailbox, please check there first. Use if necessary also our Contact page in order to exclude that your emails never reached us. You can also reach us on business days (Mo-Fr) from 10 to 18 o'clock by telephone under +49 (0)3473 913136 or +49 (0)3473 808801.

I have trouble to use the website or the shopping cart does not work.

For proper function of this website you need an browser that supports cookies and also javascript.
Use the following informations to enable this features in your browser:
How to enable Cookies? and/or How to enable Javascript?
Older web browsers may not display this site correctly. We recommend you always use the latest version of your favorite web browser.
If you still have trouble to place your order you can reach us also by phone +49 (0)3473 913136 or +49 (0)3473 808801 on business days (Mo-Fr) between 10-17 o'clock.

When my order is supplied, how long does it take?

International bank transfer can take up to 10 days before we receive your payment. After we receive your payment the Dispatch takes place within 2-5 business days. Delivery within germany takes normally 1 day (Mo-Fr). Delivery times into other countries you can find on the website of the carrier.
On the dispatch day you will get an automatically shipping confirmation mail. It includes a link to parcel tracking.

What are the wooden wedges for?

The wedges can be put into the slots in the corners on the back (2 per corner). Thus the canvas can become if necessary strained. However normally this is not necessary, the wedges is attached only for the sake of completeness.

Smaller unevenness of the canvas can be removed by LIGHTLY spray the backside with water, with drying then the canvas tightens.

The package or picture is damaged, what should i do?

If you receive the package, control please in the presence of the driver whether the package is outwardly intact. Let the driver confirm possible damages, also if the package has contamination or humidity!
Make if possible photos and contact us.
Please keep the original packing and the picture. May be the carrier needs packing or picture for the examination by the insurance.

What format should my photo have for good print results?

Your photo should have one of the supported formats, e.g. TIF or JPG. For good results we need an minimal size that is related to the print format.
On format selection page there is an symbol shown for each format to indicate the suitability of the picture.
The size of your photo affects the quality of the print. In the left picture you see what happens, if your picture is clearly smaller than the indicated minimum. The middle picture represents the quality for the indicated minimum. And in the right picture you see, how the quality can rise with larger image size.
If you upload your own photo, be sure to observe the following: Do not scale up small photos, just to get a green indicator in the format selection, the print will be blurry and pixelated almost certainly. Furthermore, an image that looks blurry already on the monitor, then also the print will look blurry.

The measures mentioned represent the minimum requirements, the print is getting better with larger images. It is not necessary to increase or decrease the size of your image to reach the indicated minimum measures.
After you uploaded your image, the suitability for the respective formats is marked by an appropriate symbol.
For the multipart photo printing a coherent motive should be used, your motive must be present as a complete picture, without gaps. Avoid built up pictures for multipart formats, which are aligned to the widths of the picture parts, it cannot be guaranteed, that the gaps are accurately met, also the inner side edges of the picture parts would not match the actual motive. If you want to print several single motives, you should use the photo printing in the appropriate size for each picture separately.

How do the side edges of the stretched canvas pictures look?

Leinwandbilder mit Motivrand
BilderKing canvas prints are manufactured by default with motive edges. On motive edges is the motive completly around the side edges, the selected motive cutout remains however complete on the front. The motive is led around the side edges. Where this is not continuously possible, the motive is reflected accordingly for the edge. You can also choose to get black, white or warp edges.

What is the difference between 'canvas on stretcher bars' and 'canvas without stretcher bars'?

Leinwandbilder auf Keilrahmen aufgespannt
Canvas framed on stretcher bars means, that the pictures are completely assembled and ready to hang on your wall. You can optional mount additional clip hangers and distance holders.
Leinwandbilder ohne Keilrahmen (gerollt)
Canvas without stretcher bars means, the pictures are printed on canvas but are not assembled with stretcher bars. The pictures are printed with extra borders in the selected depth which are needed to frame the canvas on stretcher bars. This format is usable if you want to frame the picture yourself or if you want to use it for other purposes. The canvas print will be delivered as a roll, without stretcher bars.

What kind of canvas is used?

artist canvas


As a standard canvas we use real cotton artists canvas, with a finely woven smooth structure of canvas fabric.

  • 100% Cotton, 400 g/m², no crazing
  • 100% Nature product (no polyester content)
  • Oeko-Tex® Certificate (no plasticizer)

canvas primed structure


With a new finer structure! Special primed structure canvas with filler structure on fleece material. The scraper structure of the canvas makes the images appear vivid, and gives them a special character. The applied structure is abrasion resistant and break free.

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